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10 min read | Apr 21 | Jasper Dunn

How to Write a Manual?

A user manual is a crucial document that provides end-users with information about how to operate and understand a product or service. Whether it's a software application... read more


11 min read | Apr 20 | Jasper Dunn

What is a Help Center and the Tools You Can Use to Build One

If you've ever tried to contact a customer service team, you know it can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience. You call, wait on hold, and get transferred... read more


7 min read | Apr 14 | Jasper Dunn

Guide to Product Manual: What Is It and How to Write One

Do you know what’s more important than selling a product? Making sure your customers are able to use it effectively. That’s where a user manual comes in – it’s the key to... read more


8 min read | Mar 03 | Jasper Dunn

Knowledge Transfer: A Key to Improving Employee Performance

In today's fast-paced and constantly evolving business environment, organizations must find ways to stay competitive and adapt to change.  One of the most effective... read more

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8 min read | Feb 13 | Jasper Dunn

SharePoint Knowledge Base: Yay or Nay?

If you work in customer support, you know how important having a knowledge base is. It’s the go-to source for customers and your support staff alike when it comes to... read more


7 min read | Feb 08 | Jasper Dunn

How to Make Your Knowledge Base Search Work Great

Are you looking to make customer interactions smoother by ensuring that they can quickly find what they need in your knowledge base? Wondering how you can maximize the... read more


9 min read | Feb 07 | Jasper Dunn

How to Improve Your Knowledge Base?

Are you looking to provide better support to your customers? Improving your knowledge base can be a great way to increase customer satisfaction. In this blog post, we'll... read more


2 min read | Feb 06 | Jasper Dunn

How to Integrate KnowledgeBase with LiveChat

When it comes to customer service, time is money. Consumers today have little tolerance for slow page loading speed, slow product and service delivery, or an unresponsive... read more

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