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AI knowledge base

Smarter support with AI assistance.

Improve your customer support with AI-packed knowledge base software.

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AI-supported content creation

Create more knowledge base articles with less effort using AI features that make writing articles a breeze.
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AI article generation

Provide just a few crucial pieces of information for an article and turn them into an in-depth help article with one button.


Hit one button to generate a list of tags based on the content of an article and improve the search in your knowledge base.


Stress-free, easy set-up

Your knowledge base comes precustomized and already matches the branding, images and colors of your business.
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Set up your SaaS knowledge base in a few clicks

And improve customer satisfaction with lightning-fast support

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Help articles based on chat

Discover the most frequent problems your customers face, turn them into help articles, and stop answering repetitive queries.
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“What we value a lot about KnowledgeBase is the ability to customize its look so that it stays consistent with our design. Adding our logo, custom domain, and a favicon makes it feel like an integral part of our website.”
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Nabila Gardner
from LivingWell
“Our customers want to learn more about video making techniques. With KnowledgeBase, they can browse our resources at their own pace and solve their problems without contacting our customer support.”
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Turn knowledge into customer satisfaction with smart AI features.

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