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11 min read | Sep 15 | Jasper Dunn

Troubleshooting Guide: What, Why, and How to Create One

No matter how awesome your business is, there's gonna be that inevitable moment when things hit a little hiccup. And guess what? More often than not, it's gonna be one of... read more


7 min read | Sep 07 | Zuzanna Bocian

Seven of the Best Knowledge-Sharing Tools

Access to knowledge is one of the most critical factors in a well-functioning organization. Companies realize that by storing information in internal “knowledge bases,”... read more


7 min read | Aug 30 | Zuzanna Bocian

Optimizing the Employee Onboarding Process

Everyone most likely remembers those first days in a new job when everything seems new and unfamiliar. The enormity of the information is overwhelming and it’s easy to... read more


8 min read | Aug 11 | Zuzanna Bocian and Jasper Dunn

Streamlining Communication for Efficiency and Consistency Through Canned Response

"Canned responses" might sound a bit mechanical, but let me tell you, these simple tools are absolute game-changers when it comes to customer service. Don't be fooled by... read more

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6 min read | Jul 26 | Zuzanna Bocian

The Impact of Average Handle Time (AHT) on Business Success

Efficient customer service is the backbone of any successful business. One metric that plays a crucial role in evaluating customer service efficiency is the average... read more


12 min read | Jul 10 | Zuzanna Bocian

Creating a Memorable Customer Onboarding Experience

Think of customer onboarding as a journey within the broader customer journey—a vital chapter where the real magic happens. Whether you're a tech startup unveiling a... read more


9 min read | Jul 10 | Jasper Dunn and Zuzanna Bocian

How Optimizing Time to Resolution Boosts Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to resolving customer issues, every minute counts. Let's face it: none of us want to be left hanging on the line or waiting endlessly to reply to our email... read more


3 min read | Jul 06 | Tomasz Ziętek

AI Tags: A Quick and Easy Way to Organize Your Content

Keywords and tags have been with us since the dawn of the internet. There is no way to navigate around the web without keywords. After all, it is one huge library of... read more

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