Image showing LiveChat and KnowledgeBase integration

Knowledge-based chats

Connect LiveChat with KnowledgeBase and improve your support with instant access to knowledge resources in a chat window.

Article sharing inside LiveChat AgentApp Article sharing inside LiveChat AgentApp

Support smarter, not harder

Smoothen your team’s workflow, increase productivity and provide lightning-fast support.

Quick access to knowledge

Browse and share your help resources directly inside a chat. Forget about switching tabs and let your customers view help articles without leaving the conversation.

Knowledge alignment

Create and organize help articles so that your support team speaks with one voice and provides consistent explanations to problems.

Visibility management

Create content for internal use and give it the right status. This way your agents get easy access to best practices or support guidelines that may come useful in solving complex tickets.

Better internal communication

Manage your internal policies, onboarding guides, best practices and other tutorials in one place. Assure smooth, up-to-date communication and onboard new team members faster.

Help your customers discover knowledge on their own

Provide your customers with self-service and let them browse your help center any time they want, even when you’re offline.

Answers everywhere

Connect KnowedgeBase with LiveChat and allow your customers to browse your help center in the chat widget on every subpage.

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Lower workload

With your help center inside the chat widget, your customers can quickly find answers without contacting your support team.

Article inside chat widget

Pack your chats with knowledge

Share help materials during chats using smart features and support your customers more effectively.

KnowledgeBase in the AgentApp

Browse and find relevant knowledge base articles in the user app and share it with customers in seconds.

Hand pointing KnowledgeBase tab

Quick replies

Reply faster using shortcuts which insert a passage of a text or a link to a help article.

Hands sharing article inside chat

Knowledge that engages

Spice up your responses with rich messages. Deliver a smoother, bolder, and more human-like experience.

Article sent inside chat

How to integrate

Follow three simple steps to connect and get your integration up and running in seconds.


Go to LiveChat Marketplace and click “Install”.

Go to settings, sign up or log in

If you’re logged into KnowledgeBase, click Settings. And if you're already using LiveChat, or

Go to app

Go to KnowledgeBase and start building your help center!

Access all your knowledge in a chat window

Up to 14 days of free trial No credit card required

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