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2 min read | Jul 06 | Tomasz Ziętek

AI Generated Articles and Titles

It's a Tuesday afternoon, and you're trying to crank out a help article before you clock out. You have some data, a few ideas bouncing around your head, but the words... read more


10 min read | Jul 06 | Jasper Dunn

The Importance of Effective Information Architecture

Have you ever found yourself lost in the vast labyrinth of the world wide web? With information overload just a click away, navigating through the digital landscape can... read more


10 min read | Jun 30 | Jasper Dunn

Guide to Process Documentation: Examples and Tips

Imagine your business as an ever-evolving jigsaw puzzle. As it expands, so do the number of pieces. Now, someone's got to stay on top of this ever-increasing complexity -... read more


11 min read | Jun 14 | Zuzanna Bocian

A Complete Guide to Organizational Learning

Have you ever wondered what sets successful organizations apart in today's fast-paced, ever-changing world? Well, here's a clue: it's all about organizational learning.... read more

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9 min read | Jun 14 | Jasper Dunn

The Crucial Role of the First Response Rate for Customer Service Team

Have you ever wondered how emergency services swoop in and save the day in the face of a crisis? It all boils down to one crucial factor: their first response rate (FRR).... read more


9 min read | Jun 13 | Jasper Dunn

Customer Satisfaction Rate: The Fuel for Business Growth

Customer satisfaction is all about meeting and even exceeding customer expectations. It's about going the extra mile to make sure your customers are satisfied with their... read more


9 min read | Jun 13 | Jasper Dunn

Unlocking Efficiency and Enhancing Customer Experience: The Power of Case Deflection

Have you ever wondered how some companies deliver exceptional support while keeping their customers happy and their support teams sane? Well, let me introduce you to a... read more


10 min read | May 29 | Jasper Dunn

Unveiling the Benefits of Knowledge-Centered Support in Customer Service

Welcome to the world of customer support, where knowledge is king. In this fast-paced era, businesses constantly strive to deliver exceptional customer experiences. And... read more

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