AI Generated Articles and Titles

2 min read
Jul 6, 2023

It's a Tuesday afternoon, and you're trying to crank out a help article before you clock out. You have some data, a few ideas bouncing around your head, but the words just won't flow. Frustrating, right? 

Now, when most people hear "AI," they might picture self-driving cars, robots, or advanced tech in sci-fi movies. But AI isn't just about those futuristic scenarios anymore. 

AI is already being used right here, right now, to make content creation a whole lot easier and more efficient. Whether it’s good or bad for quality in general is a topic for another discussion.

AI can assist in brainstorming topics, drafting content, editing for grammar and style, and personalizing content for different audiences. Imagine having a virtual writing buddy that learns your style, suggests improvements, and helps turn your scattered thoughts into polished prose. It's a bit like having your very own editor and writing assistant rolled into one.

Sure, it’s not ideal and will never replace human input, but it can still support content creation. 

We're not all writers, and that's okay. With AI, you don't need to be a writer to produce engaging and well-crafted content.

AI generated articles and titles in KnowledgeBase

The powers of AI can now help you create knowledge base articles in KnowledgeBase, from article text to titles. The text editor lets you now generate article content and titles based on a few pieces of information. 

Inside the editor, at the top, you will find a box where you can create AI articles.

There are a few boxes, each one for one bit of information for your article. You can add more prompts if you need to.

Once you added the necessary information, hit the Generate Article button and let AI knowledge base do the rest. 

After a few moments, you will get a proper knowledge base article with a title. Go through the content, make sure it’s all good, and press the Create and close button to publish the article.