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9 min read | Dec 13 | Jasper Dunn

Writing with Clarity and Precision: Tips for Creating a Knowledge Base Style Guide

Welcome knowledge base writers! Are you looking for ways to make writing knowledge base articles easier and more fun? If so, then a knowledge base style guide is the... read more


12 min read | Dec 12 | Jasper Dunn

Comparing Knowledge Base vs Wiki Articles [Pros & Cons]

Precisely what is the difference between a corporate wiki and an internal knowledge base? And which one should your organization use? This article will explore the... read more


11 min read | Dec 12 | Jasper Dunn

The Only Guide to Internal Knowledge Base You Need to Read

Welcome to the internal knowledge base! This is a place where team members can share information and expertise with each other. The goal is to help everyone on the team... read more


8 min read | Dec 09 | Jasper Dunn

10 Types of Knowledge: Definitions and Examples

Customers are always looking for answers, and as a customer support specialist, you're the go-to person for providing those answers. But what kind of knowledge do you... read more

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12 min read | Dec 09 | Jasper Dunn

Learn How to Organize a Knowledge Base for Better Accessibility

Having a comprehensive knowledge base is essential for any organization that wants to ensure easy access to important information. An organized and well-structured... read more


6 min read | Dec 09 | Jasper Dunn

Finding Answers in the Knowledge Base vs Forum: Discovering Solutions

In the modern world, knowledge is power. Having access to accurate and up-to-date information can make all the difference in achieving success. For businesses, this... read more


10 min read | Dec 08 | Jasper Dunn

AI Powered Knowledge Base: Why Do You Need One?

Organizations are under constant pressure to do more with less. Every single business needs to meet this challenge, leverage new technology, optimize, and resolve... read more


8 min read | Dec 08 | Jasper Dunn

8 Knowledge Base Metrics You Need to Track

Metrics of performance are the lifeblood of business success - without them how would you measure if a project is actually successful or not? It's basically like trying... read more

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