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9 min read | Jan 09 | Jasper Dunn

What is Knowledge Base Architecture?

Do you ever feel like there's a missing puzzle piece in your knowledge base architecture? If so, you're not alone. The fact is, many organizations struggle to identify... read more


7 min read | Jan 05 | Jasper Dunn

Help Desk vs. Knowledge Base: What’s the Difference?

Have you ever sent an email to a help desk, only to receive a canned response that appears generic and vague? Or perhaps you've been lead down a path of endless help... read more


8 min read | Jan 05 | Jasper Dunn

Knowledge Base Design Tips to Keep In Mind

Building and maintaining a knowledge base requires a good deal of effort. But the effort doesn’t mean much if your customers aren’t using it! Getting people to navigate... read more


4 min read | Jan 04 | Jasper Dunn

Should You Hire a Technical Writer For Your Knowledge Base?

A technical writer for a knowledge base is an invaluable resource, especially for teams looking to create high-quality content quickly. Not only do these professionals... read more

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8 min read | Jan 04 | Jasper Dunn

Getting Started with Video Knowledge Base

If you're looking for a new way to boost customer success and product usage, look no further – video content is the answer! A knowledge base video is a type of... read more


8 min read | Jan 03 | Jasper Dunn

Streamlining Customer Service with a Chatbot-Knowledge Base Integration

Streamlining customer service with knowledge base-chatbot integration offers tremendous potential to businesses of all sizes. With an integrated knowledge base and... read more


5 min read | Dec 22 | Jasper Dunn

How to Create a Multilingual Knowledge Base?

Have you ever wished for an easily accessible source of information that is shared between multiple languages? A multilingual knowledge base is the perfect solution for... read more


8 min read | Dec 21 | Jasper Dunn

Organizing Your Support System with a Knowledge Base or FAQ

Introducing a knowledge base and FAQ system can be a great way to help streamline customer service operations. A knowledge base is a store of information that contains... read more

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