How to Integrate KnowledgeBase with LiveChat

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Feb 6, 2023
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When it comes to customer service, time is money. Consumers today have little tolerance for slow page loading speed, slow product and service delivery, or an unresponsive support team. In the age of brands competing to offer customers the best experience, achieving a lightning-fast response time is a priority.

To reach this goal, integrate knowledge base ticketing systems across platforms to make sure that queries are quickly answered with relevant information at all times. That way, you can keep up with customer requests every second of the day and provide them with the excellent responses they expect.

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Integrating a knowledge base with your ticketing system lets you provide faster support.

A knowledge base integrated with a ticketing system is an incredibly powerful solution for customer support teams. Instead of your agents having to craft lengthy answers to customers repeatedly, they can simply locate the help article inside the internal knowledge base that speaks to the customer's problem and share it in just a few clicks. This saves time, energy, and can help keep your agents motivated as they take on more meaningful tasks. Integrating a knowledge base ticketing system into your customer support workflow takes the hassle out of handling incoming queries while ensuring that they get resolved quickly and accurately.

Here you can have a look at integrating LiveChat with KnowledgeBase:

Having a knowledge base with integrate ticketing system can really make all the difference in the world to your customer journey. Knowledge base articles allow you to integrate GIFs, video and step-by-step instructions which are all valuable pieces of content that will ensure your customers have the most comprehensive experience possible. With this type of information presented in an easily digestible format, customers quickly gain the understanding and insight they need to make informed decisions.