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= faster answers

QuickAnswer provides your customers with tailored and immediate answers to a query without the need to scroll an article.

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One tool, many knowledge bases

Scale your customer support and manage different knowledge bases in one, easy-to-use dashboard.

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Use AI to generate articles in seconds

Let AI create articles, titles and keywords, so you can save time on editing and focus on more important tasks.

Help more people faster

Encourage self-service so that your customers can solve their problems anytime. Give your support teams a tool to significantly decrease the total case handling time.

KnowledgeBase gives you the best of both worlds

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The customers’ world

Chances are that your customers try to answer their questions alone before they reach out to your support agents. Help them solve their problems at their own pace.

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Self-service around the clock

Help your customers find answers to their questions on their own. Anytime.

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Improved knowledge management

Give your customers more ways to find the information they need whenever they want to contact your business.

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More organic traffic

Implement an SEO-friendly knowledge base and get more potential customers by ranking higher in search results.

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Reduced workload for support teams

Provide your customers with in-depth articles that will help them solve their problems without contacting your support team.

Provide 24/7 self-service

Answer more questions in less time

Up to 14 days of free trial No credit card required 24/7 support

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The agents’ world

It's ok not to have answers to every question. No one does, and your agents aren't encyclopedias. KnowledgeBase has got them covered.

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Quicker response time

Help your customer support teams to easily find the information they need when they don’t know the answer on the spot.

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Consistent tone of voice

Stay on-brand and answer repeated questions in one style, regardless of who's on duty.

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Prioritized tasks

Save your support team’s time and have them focus on more urgent tasks when customers are asking the same questions.

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What’s a knowledge base?

Knowledge base software helps you manage and share your team’s internal knowledge, and build a public help center for your customers.

On the one hand, a knowledge base gives your customers a hosted help center so they can find answers on their own before starting a chat or when your support team isn't around. On the other hand, it gives your support team a helping hand anytime they need to answer questions they don’t know the answer to on the spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

A knowledge base is a centralized and structured repository of information and data that serves as a source of knowledge within an organization and outside of it.

When it comes to internal use, a knowledge base can store different types of information: internal policies, updates, onboarding materials, strategies, summaries, company values, Standard Operating Procedures, and more.

On the outside, a knowledge base can also supplement customer support. A self service customer knowledge base is available 24/7 and can contain answers to common questions or information about a product, service, or a particular topic.

To create a knowledge base, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the platform: Select a suitable platform or knowledge base software to host and manage your content. You can try KnowledgeBase for free.
  2. Identify the purpose and scope: Determine the main topics and categories to cover in your knowledge base.
  3. Gather relevant information: Collect existing documentation, FAQs, and other resources to include in your knowledge base.
  4. Organize the content: Create a logical structure with categories and subcategories to make it easy for users to navigate.
  5. Write and format the articles: Craft clear, concise, and user-friendly articles with a consistent writing style and use visual elements like images or videos when necessary.
  6. Test and iterate: Before launching, test the knowledge base with a small group to gather feedback and make improvements. After publishing, make sure you check analytics for more insights.

A knowledge base article is a standalone piece of content in a knowledge base. The article addresses a specific topic, question, or problem. It provides in-depth information, step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting tips, or solutions to help users resolve their issues independently.

There are a few things to keep in mind when writing a knowledge base article. To write an effective knowledge base article:

  1. Start with a clear and descriptive title.
  2. Use a friendly and conversational tone, avoiding technical jargon.
  3. Structure the article logically with headings and subheadings.
  4. Provide step-by-step instructions or guidance.
  5. Use visuals like images or screenshots to illustrate complex concepts.
  6. Include relevant links to related articles or external resources.
  7. Keep the content concise and to the point.
  8. Test the article with a few users to ensure its clarity and helpfulness.

When you sign up for KnowledgeBase, the tool offers two knowledge bases which are called Workspaces. One can be developed for customer self service and the other for internal use. A knowledge base for employees can contain:

  1. Identify the key topics and information that employees need for their roles.
  2. Include essential company policies, procedures, and guidelines.
  3. Organize the content into categories, such as HR, IT, product information, etc.
  4. Ensure the knowledge base is easily searchable and accessible to all employees.
  5. Encourage feedback and contributions from employees to keep the knowledge base up-to-date and relevant.

A customer service knowledge base is a specialized repository of support-related articles, guides, and resources designed to assist customers in finding solutions to their problems without contacting customer support. It contains frequently asked questions, troubleshooting tips, product usage guides, and other relevant information that empowers customers to resolve issues independently.

The great benefit of a customer service knowledge base is that customers can solve their problems anytime they want, even when support agents are offline.

Knowledge base software is a dedicated tool that lets you create, organize, and manage a knowledge base. It often comes with features like content editing, categorization, search, analytics, and user feedback, making it easier for businesses to build and maintain an effective knowledge base.

Knowledge base management refers to the ongoing process of maintaining and updating the content within a knowledge base. It involves reviewing existing articles, adding new information, removing outdated content, and ensuring that all articles remain accurate, relevant, and up-to-date. Effective knowledge base management ensures that users can rely on the information provided and have a positive experience when using the knowledge base.

A good knowledge base is characterized by:

  1. Clear and user-friendly navigation, making it easy for users to find relevant information.
  2. Well-organized categories and tags for efficient content browsing.
  3. Search functionality that delivers accurate and relevant results.
  4. Concise and straightforward articles with practical solutions.
  5. Regular updates and maintenance to ensure accuracy and relevance.
  6. Visual elements like images or videos to enhance understanding.
  7. Integration of user feedback and continuous improvement based on user needs.
  8. Multichannel access, allowing users to access the knowledge base from various devices and platforms.

It depends, because there are tools of various potential and capabilities you pay for. The cost of a knowledge base can vary widely based on several factors:

  1. Platform: There are many platforms available for creating and maintaining knowledge bases, ranging from free, open-source solutions to paid, enterprise-level platforms. Examples include Confluence, Zendesk, and Freshdesk, among others.
  2. Customization: A custom-built knowledge base tailored to specific needs can be more expensive than out-of-the-box solutions. Custom features, design, and integrations can add to the cost.
  3. Maintenance: A knowledge base isn't a one-time investment. It requires regular updates to ensure accuracy and relevance, and this maintenance can incur costs, especially if you need dedicated staff or third-party services.
  4. Hosting and infrastructure: Depending on the scale, you might need to invest in hosting, servers, and other infrastructure elements. Cloud-based solutions might come with recurring fees.
  5. Integration: Integrating the knowledge base with other systems or platforms (e.g., CRM systems, chatbots) can also add to the cost.
  6. Licensing: Some platforms require licensing fees, either one-time or recurring, based on the number of users, the volume of content, or other metrics.

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