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What's KnowledgeBase?

KnowledgeBase is an app to collect and manage all your know-how and use it to support your agents and customers at the same time.

With the KnowledgeBase you get: 

  • the internal Help widget to display help articles directly in LiveChat 
  • public Help Center your customers can use to help themselves.  

Public Help Center

Help Center opens a new support channel for your customers. It's super helpful when agents are not around, or if they are overloaded with support requests. It's a go-to place for customers to search your help content and find answers to their queries. 


You can customize the Help Center so it matches your brand. Go here to choose brand colors, add your logo, change a headline, and link it to your website.

What's more, the Help Center is visible for search engines, so it will bring new traffic to your website.

LiveChat Help Widget

  • The help widget for LiveChat displays your help articles right in the LiveChat app, so agents can easily access them when chatting with customers.

The internal search, and add to reply button, will speed up the chat resolution and save time on switching the tabs.

Is it a free LiveChat extension?

We offer a 14-day trial of the KnowledgeBase plan.

The KnowledgeBase plan includes:

  • Public Help Center,
  • Internal Help Center,
  • Help Center Customization,
  • 'Add to Reply' buttons,
  • Help Center Feedback Module,
  • Insights section,
  • Help Center in Chat Window.