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Using the Insights section

Building and extending your Knowledge Base is time-consuming. It takes a lot of effort to provide well-structured and easy-to-find articles that your customers are looking for. Moreover, it's sometimes hard to figure out what actually they need and what to write. That's why in KnowledgeBase we created Insights section to help you with that. Apart from saving your time, the aims of our section are to help you with:

  • improving customer experience,
  • lowering the workload of your support team,
  • cutting down the costs connected to repetitive queries,
  • understanding customer pain-points,
  • discovering suggestions for improvements.

How to access 'Insights' section?

You can access the 'Insights' section from the left navigation panel.


Inside, you will find the overview report showing the total number of article searches, total article views, plus some more granular data about:

  • your most popular articles,
  • which articles are getting bad rates and need revision, and
  • which search queries return no result, so you know what to write next.

See trending topics

Top most viewed articles, show the topics your customers and agents are most interested in. The top 10 articles are sorted by the number of views.


Improve these articles 

A list of Help Center articles that may need some revision — Customers reacted to them with 👍👎


Pro tip: Hover your mouse over the rating to see more details.

Know what to write next

The failed searches report displays phrases your customers and agents searched for but couldn't find. They can help you decide what articles to write next.


Note: 'Insights' will extend over time. We've got some ideas on where we want to take this, but we'd love to hear yours too! Please share your feedback at