Using Quick Replies to handle your chats faster

3 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

Easy access to your knowledge right in the LiveChat application can speed up your average response time. With Quick Replies, you can speed it up even more.

Quick Replies are the one-click buttons that insert a fragment of a text or a public link to the article into the chat area or a ticket.

How to insert a fragment of a text into the chat area? 

To insert a fragment of an article into the chat or ticket, open your KnowledgeBase Widget and go to any article view.

Within the article, select a fragment of a text you'd like to insert into the chat area.

On text select, you'll notice a "+ Add to reply" box. Clicking on it will insert the selected fragment into the active chat or ticket.


If the message looks fine, hit the ENTER to send.

Note: At the moment, it's not possible to insert text formatting (like lists, headings, etc.) and images.

How to insert an article's link into the chat area? 

Note: This feature will be available only in the paid plan, as it requires an enabled Help Center.

KnowledgeBase Widget allows you to share in chat the public link to your article. The link points to the specific article in your Help Center.

There are three ways to insert the link into a chat or a ticket: 

  • from the article view,  
  • from the articles list, 
  • from the search. 

Note: If you can't see the button or it's disabled, it means that the article is Internal (you'll notice a small "lock" icon on it). Change the visibility of an article to "Public" to share it as a link.

Sharing links from within the article 

To send the link from an article view, open the particular article and click the "Share in a chat" button placed in the upper-right part of the Widget.


Sharing links straight from search results

For those of you who use the search box in the widget, we've placed the share button in the search results.


Clicking on the "share" icon will insert the article's link into the chat or ticket.

Why do my links start with 

Sometimes the links to your public articles don't start with your Help Center address. That means you haven't enabled your Help Center.

In that case, we're generating a unique URL for your article, so your customer can still access it.

We host these articles on They are not indexable in search engines, so only people with the link can access it.

These pages do not have any branding or navigation. To have them branded – enable your Help Center in your Knowledge Base settings.

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