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Subscription FAQ

How many users can use KnowledgeBase? 

If you use only KnowledgeBase, you can collaborate using one login and the number of people collaborating is unlimited.

If, however, you integrated KnowledgeBase with LiveChat, the number of users using the integration depends on the number of seats in your LiveChat subscription.

Does KnowledgeBase come in a bundle with other products?

At the moment, we don’t offer KnowledgeBase in a bundle with other products. 

Is KnowledgeBase free for LiveChat customers? 

No, it isn’t. However, you can take it for a free, 14-day trial period. 

Are all features included in the subscription?

KnowledgeBase offers only one pricing plan which includes all functionalities.

Are additional Workspaces paid? 

No. At the moment, we don’t offer adding more Workspaces, but we’re working on it. 

Do I need to subscribe to use KnowledgeBase Chat Booster?

Yes, you have to subscribe to KnowledgeBase to use it. 

Do I pay for users when using KnowledgeBase with LiveChat?

No, you don’t pay for additional users in KnowledgeBase.

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