Multiple knowledge bases

2 min. readlast update: 12.19.2023

You can add as many knowledge bases within as you want, all within your account. This can be helpful on a number of different occasions.

Some of the benefits of adding more knowledge bases include:

  • Brand differentiation: Customize each help center to align with the unique branding of different products or services, creating a tailored experience that resonates with diverse customer bases.
  • Improved content management: Streamline content management by managing all articles, categories, and help centers from one place.
  • Consistent and specialized support: Provide specialized support for different products or services in separate help centers, allowing for precise assistance and expertise.
  • Regional customization: Adapt your help centers to fit into different regions, accounting for language differences, cultural nuances, or region-specific requirements.
  • Improve internal workflow: With an internal help center, you improve internal communication and workflow. Effective information sharing saves time and resources. 
  • Scalability: Accommodate the growth of your business by adding new help centers for additional products, services, or markets.

How to add more knowledge bases?

There’s a few places where you can add another knowledge base. 

Adding via the Subscription page

Go to the Subscription page. 


In there, click the + Add knowledge base.


Then, enter the name of your new knowledge base and click Buy new knowledge base.


If the payment is processed successfully, you just got yourself a new knowledge base! For the current billing cycle, you’ll be charged proportionally.  

Adding via the Menu

You can also add an additional knowledge base from the drop down menu where you switch between knowledge bases. 


Just click + Add new knowledge base

Further steps are exactly the same as in the previous case. 

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