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Managing your KnowledgeBase subscription

KnowledgeBase is integrated with the LiveChat billing system, so all billing details and payment methods are shared between your both accounts. Thanks to this integration, subscribing to Knowledge Base comes down to roughly two clicks.

Upgrading your account

To subscribe to Smart KnowledgeBase, all you need is a few minutes and an active LiveChat account (or a credit card).

To set up or renew your KnowledgeBase subscription, go to the Billing section in KnowledgeBase app and hit “Upgrade my plan” (don't worry, it won't start your subscription, yet).


You'll be transferred to the payment gateway, where the real subscription will take place. 

If you have an active LiveChat subscription, your billing details and credit card should be there. If not, first add your credit card by hitting "Add credit card". 

If all billing details are OK, confirm the subscription by clicking on "Buy with LiveChat".


If everything went well, you should be redirected back to the KnowledgeBase application and see the below screen:


Congratulations, you've subscribed to the KnowledgeBase! 🎉

Note: All payments are in US Dollars (USD). If you try to pay in another currency, your bank will automatically convert the payment to US Dollars.

Cancel your plan

You can downgrade your KnowledgeBase account anytime you want.

To downgrade your plan, head to the Billing section and click the “cancel your account” link placed at the bottom part of the section.


Clicking on the link will open the confirmation modal, where after confirming your intention we'll ask you for feedback. Please find a minute to share with us the reason why you've decided to downgrade the account 🙏


As soon as you confirm the feedback with the "Cancel my subscription" button, your downgrade request will be saved in our app. We'll downgrade your account the day after your current billing cycle.


Sorry, to see you go 😢 If you'd like to give us some more feedback, we're eager to hear it at