HelpDesk integration: Use help center articles when handling support tickets

2 min. readlast update: 06.06.2024

Integrate your KnowledgeBase with HelpDesk to enhance your customer support experience and streamline access to relevant information for both your support team and customers.

HelpDesk is a ticketing system that can streamline business and customer communication. It provides a centralized hub for managing support tickets, inquiries, and feedback, empowering you to deliver swift, personalized customer support.

Connecting HelpDesk with KnowledgeBase enables seamless access to your knowledge repository directly within the HelpDesk interface. By integrating these two systems, you can provide your support agents instant access to relevant articles, FAQs, troubleshooting guides, and other resources while handling customer cases. This integration accelerates response times and ensures consistency and accuracy in customer information.

How to add KnowledgeBase to HelpDesk

Create your HelpDesk account or log in.

Then, enter HelpDesk and go to the HelpDesk Marketplace.

Use the search bar to find KnowledgeBase for HelpDesk in the list of apps, integrations, and other solutions.

Select KnowledgeBase for HelpDesk from the list.

Select "Install" to start the KnowledgeBase installation process.

When KnowledgeBase is successfully installed, you'll see the corresponding confirmation message.

How to browse KnowledgeBase help center articles in HelpDesk

You can access KnowledgeBase resources directly in HelpDesk tickets.

Use the menu on the right to access help center articles and use them in solving requests.

Use the advanced search option to browse the gathered knowledge and select the most relevant resource.


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