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Updating An Invoice

KnowledgeBase is linked to your LiveChat account, so your billing details are shared between both accounts. Any time you are charged with KnowledgeBase subscription you’ll be emailed the invoice for that payment, just like paying for LiveChat.

That said, all payment settings like billing info, invoices list are managed within LiveChat application.

If you want to update the billing details, visit the "Update billing info" section and follow the below steps.


To edit the billing info, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Log in as the Owner and go to the LiveChat’s Billing info section.
  2. Enter your company’s info into First Name and Last Name fields. 
  3. If that’s not enough space for the data you need to include in your invoice, you can also type them in Address, City, and State/Province fields.
  4. Fill in the Credit Card Number, CVV and Zip/Postal fields
  5. Click on Update billing info to save your changes.

This way, you will get your company info on the invoices even if you are using your own, personal credit card.