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2 min. readlast update: 01.24.2024

Writing stories and articles can be great, but also can be a struggle. Having a simple, functional and easy-to-use text editor is crucial for writers and editors working on a knowledge base. 

Text editor is the core a content writer's daily tasks. It’s where where ideas are transformed into engaging content. A usable, user-friendly editor is crucial and should be a facilitator rather than a hindrance. It enables writers to focus on the substance of their content rather than deal with technical, or usability, challenges.

Easy-to-use means getting things done quickly and with less stress. Imagine being able to change how your writing looks, organize your thoughts, and try out different styles without it being hard. That's what a good text editor does – it helps writers get their work done without any headaches. 

We heard what our customers need, and we're excited to tell you about our upgraded text editor. It's not just a little better – it's a big upgrade designed to make your writing time way more efficient.

The new features include:

  • Tables

  • Colors

  • Lists and numbered lists

  • Text alignment for making things look just right

  • Copying and pasting images without any trouble

  • Bringing in documents from different places easily

  • HTML editor 

Can’t wait to start writing?!


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