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How Do You Win Online Contests?

It is well known that winning anything online requires talent. Simply liking a page and sharing a post may not take a lot of effort, but let's agree that writing a detailed comment explaining why you want to win this ticket or describing the dirty surfaces you will clean once you have that cutting-edge mop takes some work. Let's also agree that you are not a wordsmith (unless copywriters are reading this, then we apologize).

Anyway, what about ROAS? The results are typically disheartening; despite the fact that you wrote a fantastic piece and received a lot of likes, thumbs up or hearts, there are a few dozen folks who already got more reactions and views. You still need to go to Mallorca, though, right?

In addition, these complicated contest rules, the terms and conditions you have to meet - just one misstep and you lose the chance to win. You tried so hard and everything can be taken away with just one paragraph... 

That's why we present the tips you should follow when participating in our contest:

  • Read the rules and regulations (we know it's boring, but you’re good, do it so there's no crying).
  • Get along with the chatbot (it sounds funny, but don’t worry, it doesn't bite).
  • A little imagination and finesse won't hurt (don't answer with one sentence, avoid typos, answer comprehensively - all answers will be evaluated by us). 

Nothing more and nothing less. While you’re here and since it's summer and we like sweets, we decided on LEMON SORBET



  • 250g white caster sugar
  • thick strip of lemon peel
  • juice of 2-3 lemons
  • 2 tbsp vodka (optional)


In a small pan, combine 250 ml water, sugar, and lemon peel. Heat the ingredients until the sugar dissolves, then bring the liquid to a boil. Turn off the heat after 3 minutes and let it cool. The lemon peel can be removed and thrown away. If using vodka, measure 100ml of lemon juice and add it to the sugar mixture


Pour into a freezer box and freeze for one hour and thirty minutes. Then, before putting the container back in the freezer, whisk the mixture to integrate the ice crystals, which will have begun to form at the edges.


To break up the ice crystals, continue mixing the sorbet once an hour for four hours. When the mixture is hard yet scoopable, stop mixing and store it in the freezer for up to a month. Serve sorbet scoops topped with a few lemon zest curls. It's time to serve your LEMON SORBET. Bon appetit!