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Articles’ Visibility Control

You might want to decide which content should be visible to your customers, and which to your agents. KnowledgeBase allows you to keep two separate knowledge bases. It's called Workspaces.


You can build a private knowledge base to improve internal communication, information sharing, and workflow within your organization. Such a knowledge base may include company policies, onboarding guides, business information, and actually any other company-related piece of information. 

All for internal use only.

At the same time you can develop an external knowledge base for your customers in the need of a self service help center. This is where you put help articles and guides that help your customers solve the problems they encounter.

Apart from that, you can still manage a visibility status of an article.

Visibility statuses

Currently, there are two visibility statuses available – Published and Draft:

  • Published status means that the article will be visible in the Help Center. The article will have its own URL address and everyone will be able to see the article.
  • Draft status makes the article unpublished and hidden outside the web application. 

Each visibility status has its own label placed next to the article title, so you can see at glance the statuses of your articles.


Changing the visibility status for an article

To set up a visibility status for an article, head to the KnowledgeBase articles list and click on an article you’d like to update.


Within the article, on the right side of the screen, you’ll see the article settings sidebar and a Visibility field.


Click on the field and select from the dropdown the Status you’d like to apply to the article.

After choosing the Status, remember to Save your article.

LiveChat’s Groups support 

At the moment KnowledgeBase is not supporting the option to set up the article/category visibility per specific LiveChat group.

If you’re looking forward to this function – please tell us how you’d like to decide what content should be assigned to a specific LiveChat group. 

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