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AI-generated articles, titles, and keywords

If you run a knowledge base, you know that there’s no end to the topics and problems that should be sooner or later addressed in help articles. This, however, is often time consuming and companies don’t have enough resources to keep their help resources up to date. 

Knowledge management and writing articles take time, so we came up with something that will let you manage and grow your help resources faster.

From now on, KnowledgeBase lets you generate articles, titles, and tags with the help of artificial intelligence. One of the biggest benefits of this solution is that you can generate articles in seconds, which leaves you with plenty of time for other tasks. 

The recent developments in artificial intelligence, especially ChatGPT, let you generate well-written, grammatically correct articles on the basis of just a few pieces of information. 

How to use it? 

Once you log into KnowledgeBase, click Add new to start working on a new article.


At the top, you will see a box in which you will find all you need to generate your articles. To generate them, you need to provide crucial information in prompts. It’s best to put each bit of information in separate prompts. 

You can add more prompts if you need a more comprehensive article. To add more, click Add prompt.

Then, you click Generate article and wait a moment until AI generates your article and title.


Once you have your content, it’s time to add tags users might use when searching for answers. 

To get tags, go to the sidebar, Keywords section, and click Generate. KnowledgeBase will then generate tags you should review. 

If it’s all good, you can hit Create and close. Your article is ready!

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